Zane Clark ’16 Develops Jewell Hall Souvenir Replica

Prototype of Jewell Hall Etched Glass Replica

By Emily Monroe – Have you ever gone through an amazing experience in life or gone to an amazing place and wished you had a memento to take back home with you when you leave? Zane Clark ‘16 is making that memento come to life for Jewell students and alumni.

Clark graduated from William Jewell College in 2016 with a Business Administrations degree. Through Jewell, Zane found his passion in the entrepreneurial community. Zane decided to use his Jewell Journey Grant to create JouleCubed, a company involving students in product development, market research and crowd-funding. JouleCubed engaged many professors and students by integrating the concept into marketing and economic courses. Marketing students conducted market research and development while economics students addressed the cost and production side of many student-recommended product ideas. Ultimately four products were chosen as viable options and one product has been adopted by Jewell’s bookstore. Continue reading

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Students Tom Wang and Pedro Uno Present Binary/Forex Seminar

By AJ Naanep – Multiple William Jewell students who are interested in economics and stock market trading gathered earlier in February to discuss trading with “CopyProfitShare” or CPS. Jewell students Tom Wang and Pedro Uno presented the seminar, explaining how it’s an excellent way for people who are interested in trading to get started.

CopyProfitShare is an online Binary and Forex trading community with hundreds of people trading every day. It allows users to follow the lead of experienced Forex traders. The program is particularly appealing to students, because it is easy for people who lack time, money, and knowledge to learn more about foreign exchange trades. It provides users the knowledge to begin trading in foreign exchange markets by following steps of other professional traders who perform transactions on a daily basis. It also provides live Webinars at which participants can ask questions to traders in real time.

Mr. Uno has been trading for 6 months and said that it was easy for him to get started. He said that even though he didn’t have a lot of time to research and trade by himself, CPS made it easy to follow what other traders are doing.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about CPS should contact Pedro Uno at

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Delta Mu Delta News

By Grace Mize – The Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society Alpha Lambda chapter at William Jewell has entered the spring 2017 semester under new leadership and excited to welcome new members.

At the fall 2016 meeting, four new officers were elected for the ensuing year: Kristin Agar, President; Lauren Berndt, Vice President; Madison Giles, Secretary; Rayna Downing, Treasurer. Additionally, Professor Beth Hazels has become the chapter’s new Faculty Advisor. In addition to helping Delta Mu Delta operations run smoothly, Professor Hazels teaches Business Law and Finance classes at Jewell. When asked about her goals in this new role, Hazels shared that she hopes to increase member involvement in chapter activities such as service projects and networking events. Continue reading

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Accounting Department News

Professor of Accounting Chris McCullick

By Emily Monroe – Many exciting events have been going on in the Accounting Department this semester. Ashley Minnich has recently been appointed as a full-time, tenured-track Assistant Professor of Accounting. Professor Chris Mcullick said, “Ashley and I plan to collaborate over the summer (along with our department chair) to build a new vision of what we hope to see in the Jewell accounting program. In addition to always striving to make sure our students receive the very best teaching experience possible in the classroom, we also take into consideration constant changes in our profession.” For example, a new version of the Uniform CPA Exam was launched on April 1, 2017. Professor McCullick and colleagues will make appropriate changes to curriculum to address the new exam and incorporate new ideas from recent conferences. Continue reading

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Marketing Students Compete On Project For Local Nonprofit

By Christian Hunt – Each semester, students enrolled in Principles of Marketing, led by Professor Shelly McVay, separate into teams to compete in developing the best branding, advertising, social media, and funding options for a specific organization. This semester six teams are competing for the benefit of “A Turning Point”, a local non-profit organization aimed to help people get on the right track.

After creating their plan, each team will then present it to the organization’s managing directors. This type of project allows students to learn how to handle a hands-on, real world situation. It allows them to look at what a business needs and wants while learning how to present those ideas effectively.

Previous partnerships with non-profit organizations include Westside Housing Organization, Village Partners, Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary, The Harriman-Jewell Series, Inclusion Connections, PAWS Abilities, and Samuel Rodgers Health Center. These projects are favorites among students as they fulfill the Reflective Citizenship piece of the ACT-IN second major.

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Entrepreneur Easton Koch ’18 Advances Clothing Line

Easton Koch ’18

By Lauren Huddlestun – Easton Koch, a junior at William Jewell College, is an aspiring fashion designer who has laid a lot of groundwork over the past two years. In addition to the responsibilities of college and intercollegiate basketball, Koch has learned how to design and make his own clothing and now is running a small business.

Koch’s sophomore year of college he enlisted the help of a professor who assisted him in buying his first sewing machine and some fabric. He stayed up all night watching tutorials to learn the craft as quickly as he could. This process was long and grueling but Koch said, “Without the process I’d be nowhere near as far along as I am now.” Continue reading

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Time Of Year For Reflection And Flourshing

JewellHall ChristmasThis time of year seems to bring with it the drive to operate at an unsustainably fast pace. With year-ends, gift buying and holiday parties it is hard to take time to pause, reflect and enjoy the moment. Webster defines reflection as “a thought, idea or opinion formed; or a remark made as a result of meditation.” Reflection is not something that is easily multi-tasked or something to check off the list. Rather it is what I like to think of as part of the rhythm of a life that leads to flourishing. Reflection is part of the good life that motivates one to be a critical thinker and a contributing member of society. Without taking the time to stop, form a new idea, opinion or thought once in awhile one becomes stagnant and complacent which leads to the status quo. Now more than ever we need creative solutions, unifying approaches and critical analysis of the status quo.   So in the rush of the holiday season give yourself the gift of flourishing by stopping to reflect and enjoying a new way of thinking or a slightly altered perspective on life. Enjoy!

Please take a moment to look through the articles in this issue of Jewell Business Today. From all of us in the Department of Business and Leadership, here is wishing our students, alumni and friends a happy, safe and productive winter.


Dr. Kelli Schutte, Chair of the Department of Business and Leadership

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