Student Awards at 2017 Celebration of Honors

By Gretchen Mayes – The William Jewell College Celebration of Honors was held on Friday, April 21 in Gano Chapel. The Celebration of Honors is a time for students to be recognized for their hard work in the classroom and their application of classroom concepts. There were eight awards presented to students in the Department of Business and Leadership. The following are the awards and the recipient:

Rayna Downing – Hastings L. Schies Memorial Scholarship (to a deserving business administration major)

Lauren Huddlestun – Walter J. Stark Award (for development in business studies)

Lisa Erhart and Marc Gartner – John W. Boatwright Scholars (to students majoring in economics)

George Barth and Jacob Dice – Boatwright Economics Leadership Scholars (to students majoring in economics)

Gretchen Mayes – Accounting Faculty Award (for the outstanding senior in accounting)

Lauren Berndt – Business Faculty Award (for the outstanding senior in business administration)

Jordan McMurray and Mikayla Roller – Economics Faculty Award (for the outstanding senior in economics)

Amanda Brophy and Rian Ray – E. Anne Earnest Nonprofit Leadership Award (for the outstanding seniors in nonprofit leadership)

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New Grad Mikayla Roller: A Jewell Achiever

Mikayla Roller ’17

By Gretchen Mayes – New graduate Mikayla Roller (May 2017) recently completed a major research project in economics. The senior seminar course in economics requires a 40 to 50-page research paper on a topic of the student’s choice. Students are required to formulate a question and utilize an economic tool and/or theory to answer the question while also utilizing their critical thinking skills.

Mikayla’s question was, “Using an economic cost-benefit analysis, what are the optimal policies and projects that allow producers, with acute consideration to farmers, in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea to become less risk-averse?” This question came to light when she was studying abroad at Oxford last year. Continue reading

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DECA Team Competes At International Conference

By Christian Hunt – The William Jewell DECA team qualified ten students to compete in the International Career Development Conference in Anaheim California on April 18-23, 2017. The students qualifying for national were: Alex Blevins, Tanner DeVore, Jacob Dice, Jameson Howard, Kelsey Jepson, Nichole Marquis, Christian Ousnamer, Tim Posler, Ty Pratt, and Carson Trent. 

DECA Team In Anaheim

Alex Blevins and Nichole Marquis made it to finals in Event Planning; Jacob Dice and Jameson Howard made it to finals in Sports Marketing; and Christian Ousnamer made it to finals in Human Resource Management. Christian Ousnamer was named a “Top Ten Finalist” while also placing third in the nation in his event of Human Resource Management.

In just its second year of operation, Jewell DECA qualified more students for the International Competition than the University of Missouri, University of Central Missouri and Missouri State University.

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Seniors Aaron Lawrence And Brett Jackson Start New Venture

Aaron Lawrence

Brett Jackson

By Lauren Huddleston – Jewell seniors Aaron Lawrence and Brett Jackson have started a new company called “Intrepid Creative”. This name reflects the ideology behind their company as it applies to every entrepreneur who has started a new venture. Intrepid can be defined as fearless, brave and adventurous, just some of the values that underlie their business. Lawrence and Jackson believe entrepreneurs must possess these traits to be successful. One of the most important values of the new business is creativity or as Jackson puts it, “…where the magic happens.” Continue reading

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Preparing For The CPA Exam – Reflections From An Accounting Major

Gretchen Mayes ’17

By Gretchen Mayes – When I even hear the words CPA exam I get nervous. However, I I am the only one that feels this way. Many fields have their own test of proficiency that causes almost everyone to rethink their decisions and question himself or herself. The CPA exam is one of the hardest out there. It is comprised of four sections with each section being about four hours long.

The four sections include: Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR), Regulations (REG), Auditing (AUD), and Business Ethics (BEC). Many think FAR is the hardest because “it is like running a mile in an inch of sand.” You must know a very wide scope of information but, thankfully, you do not go all that deep. REG is all about taxes. Yes, I heard that sharp inhale. No one really likes taxes – except maybe for tax accountants. AUD is all about the auditing process for publicly traded companies. Finally, BEC includes business law, ethics, and writing. Together the tests cover the wide variety of tasks required by accountants. Continue reading

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Honors Students Successfully Defend 2017 Projects

Carter Quirk

Rayna Downing

By Christian Hunt – In early April, Jewell students Carter Quirk and Rayna Downing successfully defended their Honors Projects to the Honor’s Committee consisting of 5 faculty members who questioned them and required them to defend their premise and research. Carter’s project identified strategies for entrepreneurial success and the role of startups in the global marketplace, while Rayna’s project concerned employee motivation. Due to their successful defenses, Carter and Rayna are able to use their projects on applications for graduate school.

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Graduation Nears, Seniors Prepared For Challenges Ahead

As we begin to say our goodbyes to the class of 2017 we reflect on their future as Jewell alums.   These students have experienced many things in their four years at Jewell including exciting new opportunities, developing a new community of friends, facing tragedies and adapting to new environments.  As they navigated through the challenges and joys they have had to rely on mentors, family, friends and the Jewell community to grow into their role as agents of change.  They will need to rely on this community to continue to seek ways to bring unity where there is division, to bring innovation where there is stagnation, to view things through a different lens so they can recognize opportunity and to build community where individualism reigns. This group is equipped for the task at hand and we are looking forward to seeing what they do with the challenge.

Dr. Kelli Schutte
Chair of the Department of Business and Leadership

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