Pryor Leadership Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Pryor Center for Leadership Development

By Kahluna Bouchard – Saturday, October 6, 2018 was a big day on the Hill as the Pryor Leadership Studies Program celebrated its 25-year anniversary. The Pryor Program was founded by Fred Pryor and Shirley Neff Pryor, faculty and staff of the Pryor Center, and William Jewell College. This program is based on the four types of leadership – servant leadership, situation leadership, self leadership and share leadership. Fred and Mrs. Pryor graduated from Jewell in 1956, and in 1993 worked with William Jewell to lunch this program into the school’s curriculum. Students are selected by their professors for admission to this program, which has a duration of three years. The goal is to build the leaders of tomorrow.

Shirley and Fred Pryor

The celebration served as a reflection for Pryor Leader alumni as well as current students. By 9 a.m. the Pryor Leadership Center was overflowing with fellowship, laughter and catching up. This was an amazing experience for current students to mix with people who started the program years ago. Continue reading

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Business and Leadership Admissions Event – October 29

By Sawyer Granger – William Jewell, The Critical Thinking College, is exploring a new strategy to grab the attention of potential students. On Monday, October 29 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. William Jewell is hosting an admissions event for high school students. The event will showcase the business and leadership program. While mainly senior level students will be targeted, any high school student is welcome to join the showcase. Some of the ideas are subject to change after this first trial run.

This vision of William Jewell, to cultivate critical thinking, will be one of the main areas of focus. Dr. Macleod Walls will be giving an introduction at the start of the day to explain the importance of critical thinking and what this school stands for. Once this introduction concludes, our guests will have the opportunity to explore different tracks throughout the day.Students will choose three out of the seven topics of interest. The seven tracks are: as follows:

  1. Economics/Data Science
  2. Accounting
  3. Marketing
  4. DECA
  5. Innovation/UIF
  6. Business Administration and Entrepreneurship/KCUVP
  7. Nonprofit/Leadership.

Each track will consist of a 25-30 minute session that includes hands-on experience, creative cases, or integrated teamwork. Once the tracks are concluded, lunch will be provided to faculty and students. Recent alumni from different fields have been invited to discuss their careers and answer any questions potential students may have. The alums will discuss their career journey and how Jewell impacted them, experiences they encountered that may have helped them obtain their career, how their Jewell education set them apart from the crowd, and offer other advice they would give to students who are trying to decide what college is the best fit for them.

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New Executive Leadership Program Promotes Innovation

Kevin Shaffstall, Director Pryor Leadership Studies

By Kahluna Bouchard – We live in a world in which you could be working at a company and come up with a great idea, but face difficulty getting the idea implemented. Many great ideas are wasted that way. Oftentimes people are afraid to share their ideas because they don’t want their co-workers or boss to say it’s a bad idea. Beginning in January 2019 he Pryor Program is going to launch a new Executive Leadership Program, which will encourage people to feel free to share their new ideas. Professor Kevin Shaffstall, Director of the Pryor Leadership Studies Program, will lead the new program.
            Continue reading

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Guest Speakers Engage Students During Monday BizTime Events

By Sawyer Granger – On any given Monday, Wednesday or Friday, William Jewell students are seen on the Hill during Jewell Time from 10:15 to 11:00 AM, normally clustered throughout the Prior Learning Center. This allotted gap gives students time to spend socializing with friends, studying for exams, catching up on homework, eating an early lunch or going to chapel. On Mondays in particular, students have the opportunity to join BizTime, enjoy a cup of coffee and engage with guest speakers from local businesses as they share their experiences and advice in the business world.

BizTime is located in Jewell Hall room 103; a room that is not like the others in Jewell Hall. This room is known as the IDEA X-Change, where the colors of the room are vibrant, comfortable chairs and booths fill the room and the walls are covered in white boards to encourage group work and creativity.

BizTime was started in the spring of 2013 by WJC business professor and Executive In Residence Donald Huntington. Ever since that semester, hundreds of guest speakers have volunteered their time to discuss different topics with faculty and students. This semester, senior Emma Staebell has assisted with organizing and hosting the events.

The topics discussed during BizTime are not exclusive to business majors alone, as they relate to students throughout the whole campus interested in gathering information to further their knowledge on their potential careers. This fall semester, the schedule for William Jewell’s BizTime is as follows:

September 10 – Nikki Caw, Outreach International
September 17 – Life After Jewell Job Hunting Session
September 24 – Morgan Collins, Burns&Mac
October 1 – Nathan Watts, ATI
October 8 – Life After Jewell LinkedIn Session
October 15 – Career Opportunities shared by Employers
October 22 – Jake Libby, Chief Technology Officer, TIC
October 29 – Libby Allman, Hallmark
November 5 – Career Opportunities shared by Employers
November 12 – Scott Carson, Blue Ocean
November 26 – OPEN

The Jewell community is welcome to attend any of these sessions.

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Delta Mu Delta Elects New Officers



By Carson Hobby – Jewell’s Delta Mu Delta Business Honors Society has elected its new officers for 2018-19. There are three new faces and one returning from last year:

President- Senior Austin Kline
Austin’s role is to lead the other officers, help with making schedules for year, and to make sure that each officer has someone suitable to take their position next year.
Vice President- Junior Hunter Forkum
As Vice President, Hunter’s job is to be the chair for any chapter activity. These activities consist of the induction ceremony and events that the chapter does around campus.
Secretary- Senior Lisa Erhart
Lisa is taking on a little different role than she had last year. Last year she served as Delta Mu Delta’s President. This year she will be focusing on keeping track of the chapter records and maintaining minutes for the chapter meetings. Additionally, she is taking care of the chapter correspondence and will complete the chapter Annual Report at the end of the year.
Treasurer- Senior Corbin Grimes
In his role of Treasurer, Corbin is in charge of the chapters finances. He is to make sure that payments are made on time, completing the chapters Financial Statement, and taking care of new memberships.

To be eligible for membership in Delta Mu Delta students must be either a junior or senior and in the top 20 percent of students in Business, Economics, and Accounting majors. Being a member of Delta Mu Delta is one of the highest honors for students in the Department of Business and Leadership. Invitations to join Delta Mu Delta will be sent out to students next semester.

Delta Mu Delta also offers scholarships for its members. These scholarships are available to apply for in the spring semester. Scholarships are just one benefit of being a member of Delta Mu Delta, they also give members opportunities to network with chapter alumni and gain service experience.

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BizTime Event Focuses On Job and Career Preparation

Marissa Bland, Director of Career Development & Internships

By Will Norris – Marissa Bland hosted the Jewell BizTime session held on Monday, September 17th in the IDEA X-Change. Accompanied by co-host Carson Hobby, senior football player at Jewell, she spoke at the Job Hunting Session on tips for career searching and creating a professional online presence. Her insight is extremely valuable for graduating seniors and rising juniors who are in search of a job upon graduation.

With a room of about 30-35 people, Carson opened up the session by welcoming everyone and introducing Marissa as the guest speaker. Marissa received her degree at the University of Missouri and is currently the Director of Career Development and Internships here at Jewell. She has hosted a number of BizTime discussions and career development seminars at Jewell and continues to be a source for students to seek career advice. Continue reading

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WJC Accounting Major Carson Trent To Attend Ohio State

Carson Trent ’19

By Carson Hobby – Senior Carson Trent has a busy schedule starting in spring 2019. The major in business administration and accounting is going to be interning with KPMG in their audit practice during the spring semester. KPMG is a professional service in auditing and is a part of the Big Four auditors. Along with the internship, Carson will participate in the KPMG Master’s in Accounting and Data and Analytics program. This program will take him to Ohio State University next year.

During his time at Ohio State University, Carson will be studying for the CPA exam which he will take before he goes full time with KPMG as an auditor. The CPA exam must be taken by everyone that wants to be a Certified Public Accountant. People usually take a few months to a year to study for the CPA exam. When it is all said and done, Carson Trent will work out of the KPMG in Kansas City starting in 2020.

Carson is also a member of the Men’s Golf team.

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