Tenure Awarded To Accounting And Economics Professors

Dr. Chris McCullick

By Jaymes Ginn – Jewell professors Dr. Chris McCullick and Dr. Yuriy Bots were recently awarded tenure here at the college. To gain tenure is to gain a more permanent position at Jewell and shows that these professors are great fits for the vision of the college. When a professor is considered for tenure, they are examined and reviewed for the following five years of their performance at the college. It is a culmination process that is built upon for five years.

Dr. Yuriy Bots


Both Yuriy and Chris were humbled, thrilled, and proud of their tremendous accomplishment. Students of these professors have experienced their level of professionalism first hand. They both truly believe in their students and will do as much as they can to see them succeed. It is no wonder that these two excellent professors are seen as a great fit at Jewell.

When asked, Dr. McCullick states that, “Setting out a goal five years in advance and achieving it is something that does not happen very often in one’s life and is very special.” He believes that Jewell is a great place to work, and he could not ask for better colleagues or students.

Dr. Bots states that, “It is very pleasurable and exciting for such an important recognition of efforts and approval.” He is excited for both the increased integrity and increased responsibility that come with the tenure he was awarded. With that, he is ready to press forward into his next set of goals, which includes getting married! Dr. Yuriy Bots was recently engaged on November 11th and expects to be married at the end of December. In regard to both, he refers to a quote by Leonard Bernstein that states “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.”

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