Jewell Students Problem Solve With Northland CAPS

By Jaymes Ginn – Jewell students Sofia Arthurs-Shoppe and Sam Fulte recently worked with students of the Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies on Design Thinking. The workshop focused on entrepreneurial thinking and how it can increase an individual’s level of perception, creativity and innovation.

The experience provided important and valuable feedback, as well as an opportunity to work with other students at different colleges to collaborate and problem-solve together. Sam and Sofia both expressed that they learned a lot about working with new ideas on a new team and enjoyed the program.

Northland CAPS advertises a service that allows students to interface with true, real world entrepreneurial opportunities as early as high school. They provide an experience that prepares students for future college and career opportunities, are an economic engagement for the Kansas City area, are a leader of fundamental change to traditional teaching and learning and are able to proactively balance expansion of Northland CAPS while also ensuring it is affordable.

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