Pryor Leadership Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Pryor Center for Leadership Development

By Kahluna Bouchard – Saturday, October 6, 2018 was a big day on the Hill as the Pryor Leadership Studies Program celebrated its 25-year anniversary. The Pryor Program was founded by Fred Pryor and Shirley Neff Pryor, faculty and staff of the Pryor Center, and William Jewell College. This program is based on the four types of leadership – servant leadership, situation leadership, self leadership and share leadership. Fred and Mrs. Pryor graduated from Jewell in 1956, and in 1993 worked with William Jewell to lunch this program into the school’s curriculum. Students are selected by their professors for admission to this program, which has a duration of three years. The goal is to build the leaders of tomorrow.

Shirley and Fred Pryor

The celebration served as a reflection for Pryor Leader alumni as well as current students. By 9 a.m. the Pryor Leadership Center was overflowing with fellowship, laughter and catching up. This was an amazing experience for current students to mix with people who started the program years ago.

During the event I spoke to senior Pryor Leadership student Madalyn Hague. According to Madalyn, “The Pryor Leadership Program has taught me so much about leadership, what it takes to be a leader, and how to be the best leader that fits my style. The program is not all about leadership though; I found my major (nonprofit leadership) and passion through the program, identified my strong points and my weaknesses to work on as well.”

Madalyn went on to describe a benefit of the Pryor program, Outward-Bound. “After spending 12 days in the everglades on the Outward-Bound trip, I feel that I really came back as a new person and as a better person, one who became more outgoing, adventurous, capable and a more capable leader. I experienced so much personal growth in the best way possible. The program has helped me better understand myself and my capabilities and passions, and has also taught me so much about the full scope of leadership and what is entailed in leadership. Walking into the Pryor building always feels like home and I always see a friendly face, as well. The friendships I’ve made through Pryor have been amazing as well.”

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