News From Jewell’s DECA Chapter



By: Carson Hobby – William Jewell’s DECA Chapter will have some new faces as their new officers have just been appointed. The three newly appointed officers are:

Ryan Hiatt- President
Parker Tergin- President Elect/Communications Director
Ty Pratt- Vice President/Finance Advisor

These officers will also be a part of DECA’s “Shadowing” model. The “Shadowing” model is when the future cabinet shadows the current cabinet so that they receive on-the-job training during the year. This allows for a smoother transition when officer changes come around again.

DECA is an international association for college and high school students that are interested in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. Jewell’s DECA chapter has been around for 3 years and is led by their faculty advisor Professor Shelly McVay. The DECA team also works with high schools in the area on various workshops. They are planning on having a High School Workshop on November 8th for an evening of “pizza and prep.” This will be a time where teams will go through workshops to work on their case prep, presentation skills, and time management. Professor Shelly McVay says that these workshops are “a great service project for DECA and a wonderful way for high school students to be exposed to William Jewell and its DECA program.”

Later this semester, DECA students will be presenting to high school students at the Business and Leadership day scheduled for October 29th. High schoolers, counselors, and parents will be invited to Jewell to learn about the offerings that Jewell has in critical thinking and experimental learning. The DECA students will take time to present some of their trophies that they have received the last few years at state and International Career Development Competitions. They will also be answering questions on how students can get involved at Jewell.

DECA students also have competitions to look forward to starting in February 2019. They will be preparing for the state competition where the winners will qualify to attend the International Competition in Orlando, Florida in April 2019.

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