New Executive Leadership Program Promotes Innovation

Kevin Shaffstall, Director Pryor Leadership Studies

By Kahluna Bouchard – We live in a world in which you could be working at a company and come up with a great idea, but face difficulty getting the idea implemented. Many great ideas are wasted that way. Oftentimes people are afraid to share their ideas because they don’t want their co-workers or boss to say it’s a bad idea. Beginning in January 2019 he Pryor Program is going to launch a new Executive Leadership Program, which will encourage people to feel free to share their new ideas. Professor Kevin Shaffstall, Director of the Pryor Leadership Studies Program, will lead the new program.

The goal of this new program is to encourage and equip people in the workplace to become more innovative and entrepreneurial. The program will debunk the notion that an employee with a great idea must leave the company in order to put it into action. This program will allow people to work on new ideas and endeavors while they are still with their current employers, rather than leaving to pursue their passion. Employers will benefit from more innovative and entrepreneurial employees.

The program will span six months, during which participants will have one month away from their jobs while they develop their ideas. At completion of the program, employees will return to their workplace prepared to put those ideas into action. The program will be limited to college graduates who are already in the work place environment program.

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