Business Seminar Course Features Experiential Learning

By Kahluna Bouchard – Business 403 (Self Designed Project) is a business seminar course involving student internships designed to provide hands-on experience in the real world before leaving college.

While much of the course is administered online, students meet with Department of Business Professor Shell McVay three times during the semester. According to Professor McVay, “While this is technically an online course, I formally meet with students three times during the semester as a large group and again at the end of the
semester with their presentations.  I also meet often with students
one-on-one in their teams to provide direction.  Students also have to
provide status updates on our online course portal (Moodle) at regular intervals to make sure they are staying up to date with their milestone timelines”.

During the fall semester, students are working with businesses in the Kansas City metro area. These businesses include Commerce Bank, Paws Ability, Sport Business Fellowship and the Kansas City Chiefs.

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