Accounting Department News

Carson Hobby – When it comes to accounting students, the fall semester can be busy because it is the time when firms are looking to hire. They are looking to hire interns who they believe will become full-time employees once they graduate. Firms typically look to hire during the fall semesters because the spring semesters are when busy season starts for them. WJC Accounting Professor Chris McCullick is very excited for the students that have already signed to start working next semester at various firms. These firms include KPMG, BKD, Grant Thornton, MarksNelson, and Hoover and Hibdon, as well as other local and regional firms.

Senior accounting and economics major Nick Gavin has a full time position with BKD, a regional CPA firm, starting this upcoming summer. He will be working in their tax department as a tax associate. This means that he will be working on corporate tax returns in several different industries. Nick will be taking the CPA exam this summer before starting with BKD.

Mitchell Lummis, another senior accounting and economics major, has accepted an internship with MarksNelson during the spring semester. This internship is a busy season internship, so he will be working from January to April doing audits. Since this internship is during busy season for CPA firms, he is expecting to be working 40-50 hours a week. Mitchell will have to balance his schedule accordingly between classes, MarksNelson, and being a member of the Men’s Golf team.

Now may be the hiring season for CPA firms, but there are still opportunities out there. Professor McCullick is excited to see where all of his accounting students’ careers take them.

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