Katie Bird ’20 To Study In Amsterdam

Katie Bird ’20

By Hayden Schmidt – Jewell Rising Junior Katie Bird has one of the more exciting years coming up. The mathematics and economics major will be spending August through December of this year studying economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, by utilizing her Jewell Journey Grant. She will be spending most of her time in the economics classes but is particularly excited about the econometrics and time series classes. However, her time will not exclusively be spent on studying the allocation of scarce resources – Katie will also be taking a class that studies the history and culture of the Netherlands.

Katie’s interest in studying abroad stems from her athletic career. Like a significant number of Jewell students, Katie is a student athlete. Though she plays golf now, she recalls playing soccer with a Belgian foreign exchange student before her time here on campus. Katie and the foreign exchange student’s relationship allowed her to learn a great deal about life in Belgium. It was over this past summer that Katie began researching study abroad programs. This research lead her to the IES Abroad Amsterdam- Business and Economics program, which she felt that was a good fit for her because IES would allow her to take classes that will contribute to her major.

Katie’s opportunity will undoubtedly prove extremely beneficial to her education. The  Jewell Journey Grant program has played an integral part in making Katie’s dream of studying abroad a reality.

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