Junior Canyon Mallory To Intern In Bogota

By Lindsey Jordan – Internships are a vital part of a student’s experience and many professionals will even say you need one on your resume to secure a job after graduation. Internships enable the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the working world that regular college classes cannot provide. Oftentimes internships can lead to a future career within the same organization.

Canyon Mallory, a junior at William Jewell College has a unique internship opportunity that, perhaps, will give him an edge compared to other candidates in the future. Canyon is currently at William Jewell majoring in Business Administration and also minoring in Spanish. He is a native of Olathe, Kansas where he attended Olathe North High School. Mallory is a member of the baseball team at Jewell where he is a pitcher for the Cardinals.

The summer internship secured by Mallory will take him to Bogotá, Colombia where he will be working for the company, Vigilant Solutions, at one of their satellite locations. Vigilant Solutions offers a software platform that many law enforcement agencies use worldwide. Their platform includes facial recognition and license plate recognition among many other capabilities.   South America isn’t as foreign to Canyon as it might be for others because of prior travel to Bolivia, as well as Honduras and Guatemala. However, Colombia will be new territory for him.

This internship begins in early June and will end in early July. He will be staying at an Airbnb during his time in Bogotá. Canyon looks forward to assisting on multiple projects during his time with the company along with experiencing the Colombian culture and applying his knowledge of the Spanish language.

A goal for Canyon after his graduation is to pursue a career with Vigilant Solutions in the United States where he will also be able to work internationally.

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