Jewell Business Students Team Up With Avenue Of Life

By Chance Nelson – During spring semester Professor Shelly McVay’s Business 305 students were tasked with assisting the Avenue of Life organization with various marketing projects. Avenue of Life is a non-profit organization trying to “break the cycle of poverty through community development.” Central to their mission is their commitment to equip and mobilize the community with the goal to facilitate the journey from hand-outs (emergency relief) in crisis, to hand-ups (individual betterment) for those ready to rise above their circumstances, to hand-offs (community development) to indigenous leaders of a transformed community.

Students worked on various projects with Avenue of Life such as “Impact Wednesdays” during which volunteers at the organization engage in various activities to help out those in poverty around the Kansas City Metro area.

These activities may include going out into the community and providing those in need with shelter, food and clothes. Additionally, Avenue of Life offers business training, neighborhood renewal, equipping training, and internship programs. Jewell’s Business 305 students participated by helping to market these events and programs, and spread brand and mission awareness to the public for the purposes of increasing traffic, donations and funding.

Due to the hard work, effort and execution of their work, board members of Avenue of Life have chosen to offer 10 internships this summer to the participating Jewell students. 

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