Business Students Present Ideas At Duke Colloquium

By Chance Nelson – The David Nelson Duke Colloquium event is a long-standing tradition at William Jewell College, which involves student presentations from various academic departments. Students work for months researching and preparing their Duke Colloquium projects before presenting their in April.

Dr. David Nelson Duke was an esteemed theologian, teacher, scholar and religion professor at William Jewell from 1980 to 2000. As a result of his passion for life and community activism, among other achievements and qualities, Colloquium Day was named in his honor.

“Summer with Sunny” is the title of the creative project which was constructed by a group of Business students in Professor Shelly McVay’s Capstone course. Nichole Marquis, Karoline Wiens, Taylor Friesen, Madison Giles, and Will Hyde were all tasked with creating a product or service targeted to a specific consumer base.

In talking with Karoline and Taylor, this is how they described their project:

Through this project we developed a product similar to that of the “Elf on the Shelf” concept. “Summer with Sunny” is a concept that is targeted to Generation Y parents who can use Sunny to help contain, entertain, and utilize as a behavioral teaching tool for their children during those three long summer months when children are out of school. Sunny, much like Elf on the Shelf, will come with a book that depicts Sunny’s summertime adventures leading up to the start of school. Along with the book the customer will receive Sunny the doll. The parents can utilize Sunny in any way that they desire; however, the goal of the doll is to incentivize children to behave well for their parents while on summer break.

Another group of students in Professor Shelly McVay’s Business Capstone Course also had the opportunity to present their business idea to the Jewell Community. Paige Shoemaker, Shannon Ernst, Eric Smith, Evan Lott, Jordan Hamilton conducted their project around an idea concerning “Grocery Delivery Services”. Their concept includes home-delivery from grocery markets, convenience stores and super centers.

In meeting with some of the team members on the “Grocery Delivery Service”  project, they explained their pitch:

Americans are constantly looking for ways to make their lives easier, and the use of technology is contributing to solutions for people. Grocery shopping is a task for which many busy people don’t have time. Others with dietary restrictions struggle to find good food without visiting multiple stores. Our business idea helps with these problems by combining all products from local stores on one convenient website. The products that a customer chooses will then be delivered to the customer’s residence at a specified time.

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