Jewell Introduces New Data Science Major

By Zach Saalfeld – In the fall of 2018, Jewell will introduce a new Data Science Major designed to educate students in the collection of information and data, analysis and interpretation in order to make useful and critical decisions.           

The addition of Data Science will develop skills in utilizing tools such as Python, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, R, Tableau, D3.js, SQL, and MATLAB. The Data Science Program directors are Department of Physics Chair, Dr. Maggie Sherer and Department of Chemistry Chair, Dr. Jason Morrill.

“This is a really up and coming field and more people need data analysis skills,” said Sherer with excitement for the new programs being offered. “Data is the foundation of the pyramid followed by information that leads to knowledge and reaching the ultimate goal of wisdom which students will attain through this major”.

The curriculum will include five emphasis areas which are: Mathematics and Modeling; Business Intelligence; Bioinformatics; Molecular Design; and Economic Analysis. The Data Science Major will incorporate core classes as well as other required courses pertaining directly to a desired field of Data Science depending on a student’s particular emphasis.

The addition of the new Data Science Major to the academic profile of William Jewell will integrate well within its liberal arts education and will continue to challenge students to think critically in the ever-changing world.

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