Interview With BizTime Student Moderator

Senior Jack Kutey

By Chance Nelson – This year’s BizTime moderator is senior Jack Kutey. Jack is a business student who is involved in a number of activities on campus in addition to being BizTime moderator. He is a member of the football team and a part of the KA organization, as well. The following is from a recent interview regarding his experiences this spring as BizTime moderator:

How did you obtain the position?
Professor McVay helped gain this position through the projects we have been doing in BUS 403.

As planners and moderators what does your job entail?
Essentially, I developed a list of potential guest speakers, then submitted those names to Director of Career Development Marissa Bland, and Business Department Chair Dr. Kelli Schutte who extended invitations to potential guests. I then coordinate times, arranged for coffee and Danish, welcomed guest speakers to campus, introduced the speakers and guided the conversations.

What is the average attendance typically?
The attendance has been pleasantly high this year. On average, about 25 people come each Monday with the most at one time being 40.

Who have some of your favorite speakers been?
Russ Klein is probably one of the most memorable speakers we’ve had this year, but all have been great. Professor Huntington has been very helpful throughout this journey. All the speakers have been chosen from a list of people that he has provided. The connections he has are tremendously impressive.

Why were some biz times held at Liberty High Schools?
Patrick Whelan, Marissa Bland and others in Career Development go to high schools in the Liberty area to inform students of Jewell’s career development program and to encourage them to attend our coffees.

Jack says the experiences he has had with planning and moderating BizTimes this spring semester have been invaluable. The people he has meet and the connections he has made have been truly special – and he thanks Professor Don Huntington and Professor Shelly McVay for this great opportunity.

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