Delta Mu Delta Initiation Set For April 25

By Hannah Nicolay – International business honor society Delta Mu Delta recognizes and encourages academic excellence of students at qualifying colleges and universities. It seeks to build a community that fosters the well-being of its individual members and the business community through life-long membership.

WJC Delta Mu Delta chapter initiation is scheduled for April 25th, at which a new class of excellent business students will be challenged to carry on the legacy of this esteemed honor society. Currently applications are open for Delta Mu Delta scholarships. All students in the organization are allowed and encouraged to apply for the many different scholarships offered.

The Jewell chapter plans to achieve Delta Mu Delta STAR status in 2018 by inducting either at least 80% of its eligible candidates or more candidates than the previous year, participating in the scholarship program, or completing a community-service project or business-related activity on campus. All interested students are encouraged to apply.

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