Classics and Students Are Sources of Holiday Inspiration

About a year ago a friend and I decided to read the top 100 novels of all time and we chose to use the list put out by Time magazine. I have about 10 to go before I accomplish the feat. Our decision grew out of a conversation we were having regarding how approaching a story or theme through someone else’s vantage point was something we have always enjoyed. We were discussing how this has helped us see things more deeply, judge more slowly and live more authentically. By engaging, or in many cases reengaging, these classics we could further develop these abilities and constructively seek solutions of depth to counteract a culture in which we seem to seek solutions within a 140-character limitation.   This ability to see things differently, critically think about the situation and constructively seek solutions is at the heart of what we do at Jewell. Our students are developing empathy, new perspectives and shared experiences as they seek to critically engage our world to move it forward constructively.   Jewell students inspire me daily and during this holiday season I pause to express my gratitude for their tenacious spirit to make this world better than it was yesterday and in doing so bringing hope that takes more than 140 characters to express.

Dr. Kelli Schutte
Chair of the Department of Business and Leadership

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