News From The Economics Club

Econ Club President Jacob Dice

By Hunter Forkum – After a two-year period of inactivity, Economics Club is back up and running. Organized by sophomore president, Jacob Dice, the club intends to serve as a relaxed setting for students from any major to discuss economic principles and voice their personal interests regarding relevant topics.

The club had its first monthly meeting in September and watched The Big Short, a documentary-drama film focusing on the 2008 financial crisis. The meeting also served as a platform for members to discuss their ideas for the club’s future, specifically regarding activities, events, and meetings.

With the assistance of economics professor and club sponsor Dr. Yuriy Bots, and sophomore vice president Jeremy Hofman, Jacob has developed a few ideas regarding club events. The club will meet once a month, discussing relevant economics articles that members will read prior to meetings. Jacob is also contacting individuals from the Kansas City Federal Reserve to speak at meetings. He also plans for the club to visit the Federal Reserve during the academic year.

Jacob is excited about the future of Economics Club, stating: “We hope to cultivate an environment where students can engage in an involved, recreational discussion of economic topics.”

The club is still open to new members. Students who are interested can contact president Jacob Dice, vice president Jeremy Hofman, or Dr. Bots.

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