Seniors Aaron Lawrence And Brett Jackson Start New Venture

Aaron Lawrence

Brett Jackson

By Lauren Huddleston – Jewell seniors Aaron Lawrence and Brett Jackson have started a new company called “Intrepid Creative”. This name reflects the ideology behind their company as it applies to every entrepreneur who has started a new venture. Intrepid can be defined as fearless, brave and adventurous, just some of the values that underlie their business. Lawrence and Jackson believe entrepreneurs must possess these traits to be successful. One of the most important values of the new business is creativity or as Jackson puts it, “…where the magic happens.”

The idea started in Professor Greg Whittaker’s Entrepreneurial Mindset course with guest speaker and local entrepreneur Tyler Prochnow. Mr. Prochnow told a story of a Kansas City startup company called EyeVerify. The founders of the company were challenged in the beginning because they had developed powerful technology and ideas but had no way to market them or tell their story. Jackson said, “In that moment, the idea to create a company that can provide content in the form of stories for companies who can’t do it themselves because of time, lack of appropriate skills or money came to mind.”

With every startup company, getting the name out there is a first critical step. Lawrence and Jackson wanted to reach other entrepreneurs by creating a website and social media pages. Jackson said both of these outlets need some work but they do have a presence on the Internet which allows them to connect with new customers. Another way they are getting the word out is networking. Lawrence has been working on networking to other local business and a few that are not local to start gaining customers. Jackson said, “We aim to learn the stories of amazing companies and then create visual content (videos and pictures) to help them gain attention from their target market.” Achieving this takes personal meetings with each client to learn as much as possible about the company and exactly what kind of picture they want to paint. Intrepid Creative is offering three initial services including video production, photography and graphic design. “The client will receive professional content that they can distribute wherever they want”, Jackson said.

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