Dr. Jean Hawkins, Beloved Teacher And Colleague

This month we said goodbye to Dr. Jean Hawkins as she passed away from cancer. Jean taught accounting for almost 40 years and was a beloved member of our department. Jean’s passion was teaching and this was evidenced by the constant flow of students in her office. She saw teaching as going beyond the classroom and even though those office-hour conversations were filled with the details of cost accounting, she sprinkled in some life issues as well. Students knew that Jean cared about their learning and they readily accepted her encouragement. Jean embodied Jewell as it was always about the students for her. Every time she proposed a new idea for the department it was centered on the students and how their learning could be enhanced.   We miss Jean greatly as a friend and colleague but we are very appreciative of the legacy she has left behind — a love of teaching and learning. Rest in Peace my dear friend.

Dr. Kelli Schutte
Chair of the Department of Business and Leadership

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