Zane Clark ’16 Develops Jewell Hall Souvenir Replica

Prototype of Jewell Hall Etched Glass Replica

By Emily Monroe – Have you ever gone through an amazing experience in life or gone to an amazing place and wished you had a memento to take back home with you when you leave? Zane Clark ‘16 is making that memento come to life for Jewell students and alumni.

Clark graduated from William Jewell College in 2016 with a Business Administrations degree. Through Jewell, Zane found his passion in the entrepreneurial community. Zane decided to use his Jewell Journey Grant to create JouleCubed, a company involving students in product development, market research and crowd-funding. JouleCubed engaged many professors and students by integrating the concept into marketing and economic courses. Marketing students conducted market research and development while economics students addressed the cost and production side of many student-recommended product ideas. Ultimately four products were chosen as viable options and one product has been adopted by Jewell’s bookstore.

Zane Clark ’16

Zane put his business on hold after graduation until he found himself missing life at Jewell and his collaborations with other students and professors in Jewell Hall. His fond memories of the place and people led him to reboot JouleCubed and put his entrepreneurial education to good use. He decided to develop a model of Jewell Hall and market it to other students and alumni who would appreciate a memento of their days at Jewell.

Zane used a 3D printer for his first prototype, however it did not produce the professional look he envisioned. His next consideration was constructing a brass or metal replica of the building, but those options were overly expensive. At the suggestion of Executive In Residence Don Huntington, the current iteration is a glass replica providing a good combination of quality and cost. A virtual representation of the product may be viewed in the near future at which also catalogs the development of the idea from blocks to the current form.

This Jewell Hall replica will initially be offered via a crowd-funded campaign on Kickstarter. On Kickstarter, an idea is pre-sold to an audience and if the idea reaches its funding goal then monies are released to manufacture and ship the product. If the funding goal is not reached, the funds are returned to consumers. will host the Kickstarter link which will be active for a maximum of 60 days to reach the target goal. Prices for this replica will vary based on size and base options. After the launch of the Jewell Hall piece, Zane plans to develop additional products and get more Jewell students involved in the process.

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