Students Tom Wang and Pedro Uno Present Binary/Forex Seminar

By AJ Naanep – Multiple William Jewell students who are interested in economics and stock market trading gathered earlier in February to discuss trading with “CopyProfitShare” or CPS. Jewell students Tom Wang and Pedro Uno presented the seminar, explaining how it’s an excellent way for people who are interested in trading to get started.

CopyProfitShare is an online Binary and Forex trading community with hundreds of people trading every day. It allows users to follow the lead of experienced Forex traders. The program is particularly appealing to students, because it is easy for people who lack time, money, and knowledge to learn more about foreign exchange trades. It provides users the knowledge to begin trading in foreign exchange markets by following steps of other professional traders who perform transactions on a daily basis. It also provides live Webinars at which participants can ask questions to traders in real time.

Mr. Uno has been trading for 6 months and said that it was easy for him to get started. He said that even though he didn’t have a lot of time to research and trade by himself, CPS made it easy to follow what other traders are doing.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about CPS should contact Pedro Uno at

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