Mrs. Brenda Newberry Delivers Distinguished Executive Lecture

By Christian Hunt – On March 30 the Jewell community had the opportunity to listen to former Air Force Veteran, international businesswoman, and author, Brenda Newberry as she delivered the Distinguished Executive Lecture in Business and Leadership. Mrs. Newberry has served as Vice President of MasterCard International and an adjunct for more than 20 years at Washington University, St. Louis. She was also the founder and CEO of The Newberry Group, Inc., a company specializing in cyber security, networking, and systems integration.

Mrs. Newberry is the author of Navigating Your Landscape: Finding Your Path Using a Moral Compass, in which she speaks about being an African-American woman in the business world.

During the lecture, attended by several hundred students, faculty, college leaders and guests, Mrs. Newberry spoke of the experiences of being a woman of color business owner and the hurdles she had to clear to get where she is today. Mrs. Newberry also addressed the critical thought and technical skills needed out in the workplace for the coming generation of workers.

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