Monday Coffee Series Brings Professionals To Campus

BizTime Coffees Every Monday, 10:15 a.m.

By AJ Naanep – Among the many presenters meeting with students during Jewell’s Monday BizTime coffees, financial planners Mike Keeton and Joe Kramer from Community America Credit Union provided an important lesson about the importance of investing early. During their presentation, Keeton and Kramer discussed how anyone who starts investing early enough can become a millionaire by the time they’re ready to retire. To summarize the figures they presented, someone who begins with an investment of $50,000 could contribute 6% of their salary into a retirement account per year, and over time that money could grow to become more than a million dollars. Another important point that they made is that someone who begins investing in their early 20’s will have a much larger account value because of the time value of money.

WJC Executive In Residence Don Huntington took some time to answer a couple questions about BizTime. He started the weekly coffees in 2013, and since then over 60 different guest speakers from the professional community have joined to meet with students and discuss various topics of interest on the subjects of innovation, business, economics, leadership, entrepreneurship and careers. Students are able to learn about a wide variety of professions, firms and career paths from the BizTime coffee guests. When asked about what he hoped for the future, Professor Huntington said that he wanted to include emerging leaders and entrepreneurs from different disciplines and sectors, from accounting and finance to marketing, science and technology, human resources, and entertainment and telecommunications.

BizTime coffees are held every Monday during Jewell Time (10:15 to 11:10 am) in Jewell Hall 103. Students who want to learn more are encouraged to attend.

The lineup of topics and guests during spring 2017 include:

How To Maximize Your Use Of LinkedIn and Other Social Media – Brad Douglas, President & CEO, HCUA
How I Landed The First Job, and The Keys To Success – Dani Edwards, Federal Reserve Bank of KC
Marketing Brand “YOU” – Mike Goff, Executive VP, Barkley US
Saving and Investing – Mike Keeton and Joe Kramer, Community America Credit Union
The Impact Of Science & Technology In Your Future – Tom Laming
Careers & Internships At Frito-Lay – Tom Farinacci, Regional Account Manager, Frito-Lay, Inc.
The Millennial Divide: Connected vs. Connecting – Shannon Oleen, Professional Performance Coach
3 Questions To Answer Before Leaving College – Don Huntington, Executive In Residence 
Career Opportunities Nikki Keeter, Northwestern Mutual; Shawna Wright and Aubrey Douglas, Commerce Bank; Jeni Friend, Maurices; Danielle Morrison, McNerney Management Group  
Effective Job Search & Interviewing – Michael Torno, ATI Testing

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