Graduation Nears, Seniors Prepared For Challenges Ahead

As we begin to say our goodbyes to the class of 2017 we reflect on their future as Jewell alums.   These students have experienced many things in their four years at Jewell including exciting new opportunities, developing a new community of friends, facing tragedies and adapting to new environments.  As they navigated through the challenges and joys they have had to rely on mentors, family, friends and the Jewell community to grow into their role as agents of change.  They will need to rely on this community to continue to seek ways to bring unity where there is division, to bring innovation where there is stagnation, to view things through a different lens so they can recognize opportunity and to build community where individualism reigns. This group is equipped for the task at hand and we are looking forward to seeing what they do with the challenge.

Dr. Kelli Schutte
Chair of the Department of Business and Leadership

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