Entrepreneur Easton Koch ’18 Advances Clothing Line

Easton Koch ’18

By Lauren Huddlestun – Easton Koch, a junior at William Jewell College, is an aspiring fashion designer who has laid a lot of groundwork over the past two years. In addition to the responsibilities of college and intercollegiate basketball, Koch has learned how to design and make his own clothing and now is running a small business.

Koch’s sophomore year of college he enlisted the help of a professor who assisted him in buying his first sewing machine and some fabric. He stayed up all night watching tutorials to learn the craft as quickly as he could. This process was long and grueling but Koch said, “Without the process I’d be nowhere near as far along as I am now.”

Since learning the initial processes he has produced shirts that he has sold to fellow students. These shirts were designed by Koch and carry a custom tag bearing his name. Koch said the idea behind these shirts was to make something that many students could identify with. He is currently moving away from his original designs and trying to make something more impactful. When asked what his future plans are Koch said, “The direction I’m going in the future is more about creating a substantial brand than it is about doing a trendy tee shirt pop-up.” After deciding to move away from the original designs and ideas with the tee shirt pop-up, he designed a collection for fall of 2017 and plans to stick with the essence of these new pieces for years.

Things are really coming together for Koch who just sent off his spring 2018 designs for sampling. He has a business partner who handles much of the public relations and marketing side of the business, a photographer and a model who are all a part of his operation. Koch is creating and making pieces he has always dreamed of making. “I want to provide some type of creative outlet for people who have ever felt limited creatively. I want to give that person something they can frame their lifestyle around.” Koch said.

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