Dr. Kelli Schutte Conducts Research During Sabbatical

By Lauren Huddlestun – Dr. Kelli Schutte has been a business professor at William Jewell College since 2004 and Chair of the Department of Business and Leadership since 2009. She teaches a variety of classes in the business department including human resources, financial management and introduction to internships. Dr. Schutte loves working with her students as it is the most rewarding part of her job. She said, “I really enjoy helping students find the area of business in which they can excel.” This is an important part of the business major because it is such a broad major with many different opportunities from marketing and sales to accounting and finance, and many more. Helping students find which of these areas in their own major they like best can be a difficult task but one that Dr. Schutte takes on with pride.

Because of her many years of service to William Jewell College, Dr. Schutte has recently gone on a sabbatical. This leave began after the fall 2016 semester will will continue until fall of 2017. During this year span Dr. Schutte is conducting research concerning youth transitioning out of foster care and the struggles they face once they are out on their own. The way she is going about this research is looking specifically at unemployment in relation to foster care. The end goal of this research is to talk to employers about implementing programs that can help the youth facing these struggles succeed.

Dr. Schutte is a successful teacher and department chair and has been greatly missed throughout her sabbatical. Seeing her direct her focus on greater problems in society and relate them back to business is a powerful benefit to students as they seek meaning and purpose in their careers. She is a perfect example of the Jewell saying, “Live what you learn”.

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