Marketing Students Develop Strategies For The Farmer’s House

farmer_logoEvery year the students in the Business 305 Principles of Marketing course develop and present ideas about branding, advertising, and social media campaigns to a local nonprofit organization.

One of the nonprofit organizations students worked for during the fall semester was The Farmer’s House. The Farmer’s House, located in Weston, Missouri, is a working farm and market where children, youth and adults with disabilities work, play and learn life skills.

WJC marketing students created presentations that included branding strategies, different farmersstaffforms of advertising, and social media campaigns to help The Farmer’s House further their mission. The Farmer’s House representatives were especially interested in the social media campaign recommendations, as they do not currently have a significant social media presence.

Additionally, one of the students on the team that presented to The Farmer’s House has secured a spring internship wit the organization. For more information about The Farmer’s House, visit:

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