Jewell Marketing Students Consult With Inclusion Connections’ PawsAbilities

paws-logoStudents in Professor Shelly McVay’s Business Capstone course have been working to help PawsAbilities, a project of Inclusion Connections, located in Johnson County, Kansas. Inclusion Connections is a nonprofit, which works with youth with developmental disabilities. IC utilizes volunteers for all programming, open to teens, adults and groups.  The organization’s goal is to create an inclusive atmosphere in the community.

IC PawsAbilities teaches members job skills, which translate into real jobs in the community. PawsAbilities clients are making and distributing dog treats and toys in the community while learning business skills not available elsewhere, including creating, packaging, marketing and distributing products.

Professor McVay’s students have developed recommendations and plans for PawsAbilities’ treat and toy products based on marketing’s “4 P’s”: product, price, promotion and place. Student initiatives have ranged from packaging ideas to a social media presence.

This project allows Jewell students to develop their portfolios, while serving a good cause in the community. Current plans call for future WJC Business Capstone students to continue the consulting effort with IC PawsAbilities.

Readers interested in learning more about Inclusion Connections and PawsAbilites may contact Professor Shelly McVay at, or visit their website at

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