Accounting Escape Room Develops Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

er3By Madison Giles – A major aspect of the curriculum at William Jewell is critical thinking. Students start out their freshman year by taking Responsible Self, which is a class that develops a student’s critical thinking skills. William Jewell has many other classes that work to continue developing these skills, but it can be challenging in some departments to accomplish this.

Professor Chris McCullick has made great strides to continue developing student’s critical thinking skills within the accounting department. A recent example is the creation of an accounting Escape Room. This room challenges students to think critically and solveer1 problems in order to escape. Students must have an understanding of financial statements, critical thinking skills, and the ability to collaborate with others in order to find and decode the various clues leading to the key that will open the door that just closed behind them. Students may request no more than two clues as they communicate with Professor McCullick by walkie-talkie.

er4According to participating students, the Accounting Escape Room is an entertaining and challenging exercise that helps to reinforce accounting knowledge while also encouraging creative problem solving.

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