Jewell Student Fashion Line Nearing Launch

Easton Koch '18

Easton Koch ’18

By Will Hyde – “I don’t think anybody thinks I’m really that serious about it until they see the collection I put together,” says Easton Koch ‘18, about his upcoming fashion line.  “I’m just heavily inspired and know what I want in life so I don’t really have any problems letting those two things push me to do what I want to do.”  Easton, a junior Business Administration Major, has been interested in fashion most of his life, explaining that, “It started with basketball shoes.  I would sketch different shoe silhouettes and pretend I’d send them off to Nike.” It is important to note Easton is also on William Jewell’s basketball team. Being introduced to street fashion in high school encouraged him to, “reciprocate that aesthetic in my own way.”

Although driven by his own ambitions to, “eat good and make cool clothes,” Easton has been helped along the way to launching his own line by a small team of people already in the industry, and by his “first true fan,” Landon Young, WJC Director of Creativity and Innovation. “Landon has been a true mentor to me.” In addition to these mentors, the easton-k-kansas-cityJewell classroom has also helped Easton navigate his way through the business side of things, teaching him, “the importance of understanding why certain types of businesses work and others don’t. There’s not really a right or wrong way to go about doing things in fashion, but there are hundreds of ways to differentiate through your business principles so just understanding what those are and how they work has been an asset.”

This whole project has taught Easton a lot about the business side of things, explaining, “You can have amazing designs and that means nothing with the wrong business principles in place. It’s like 90% business/strategy and 10% creativity.” This has been especially important to him since the design side of things always came so easy. The design process was long, but he was lucky to land a manufacturer in Brooklyn, NY to help with the production of his pieces, which he hopes to launch in the fall of next year. Not going into too much detail, Easton describes that he has, “a pretty crazy idea for a launch party that I’m working on.” Be on the lookout for Easton and his line, which he plans to begin promoting to the public next summer.

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