Cardinal Consultants Help Educators Prepare Students For Successful Careers

cardinal-consulting-logoBy Madison Giles – Each fall semester a group of Jewell business students become consultants for businesses in the Kansas City area. In the past, students have consulted for VML, Kellogg’s, Sprint, Western Union and many other prominent organizations. This fall semester students are consulting with the William Jewell College Department of Business and Leadership and the Blue Valley Center For Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS). The Blue Valley CAPS program is an innovative program in Johnson County, Kansas allowing students in the Blue Valley School District to gain experience in the business sector before they graduate from high school. Many other school districts around the United States have followed the lead of CAPS and developed their own programs.

The students consulting with WJC Business Department and CAPS have been challenged to help their clients learn more about what employers are looking for in future employees and, secondly, what employees desire in potential employers. Through extensive secondary research and primary research among current high school students, college students and over 500 area employers, the Cardinal Consulting team will provide important insight and guidance to CAPS and WJC Business Department leadership as well as to area business recruiters.

Students in the Advanced Consulting Course (Cardinal Consulting) study business consulting practices based on McKinsey and Company worldwide principles.  During the course of the semester they function as a real-world consulting team that delivers strategic advice to their clients.  Companies interested in becoming a Cardinal Consulting client may contact WJC Executive In Residence Don Huntington at

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