Pryor Legacy Project Assists Urban Christian Academy

2016 Pryor Legacy Project Team

2016 Pryor Legacy Project Team

By Chris Stack – Last semester, the Pryor Leadership Class of 2016 partnered with Urban Christian Academy, located in the urban core of Kansas City, for their legacy project. They provided the Academy with a new playground and resources for a new second grade classroom.

Urban Christian Academy is an elementary school focused on providing a holistic education where students are encouraged to become leaders in their community. Students are called scholars and are told that they can grow up to be anything they want to be, regardless of their circumstances. UCA was founded a year and a half ago and currently has both a kindergarten and first grade class. To ensure that these students continue to receive a quality education, a new classroom will need to be added each year for the next 4 years to make room for a new kindergarten class of scholars.

The Pryor Legacy Class held four workdays at UCA, during which they worked to make the playground safer and more fun for students. They moved playground equipment, built a new fence, installed a new drainage system, and installed a new basketball court. All of these changes allow the teachers to keep a better eye on the scholars and will provide more entertainment as the scholars grow older. These workdays also included cleaning the school building and helping to paint the new second grade classroom.

Through fundraisers and support from generous donors, the Pryor Legacy Class was able to meet their fundraising goal of $10,000 and complete all of their goals for the project. However, Urban Christian Academy still needs your support. They are funded completely by the generosity of others and it costs approximately $7,000 to fund each scholar every year. They are also always looking for reading buddies and lunch and recess buddies to spend time with the students during the week.

To learn more about UCA or to learn how to donate or volunteer, please visit You can also follow them on Facebook (Pryor Legacy Class of 2016), Twitter (@pryorlegacy2016), and Instagram (pryorlegacy2016) to stay up to date on their latest news.

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