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busdept_deltamulogoBy Nichole Marquis – Delta Mu Delta, Jewell’s business honor society, continues to recognize and encourage academic excellence of students this year. Delta Mu Delta students must be majoring in either Accounting, Business or Economics. Students must be either a Junior or Senior in their applicable undergraduate work. In addition to the above qualifications, students must have a GPA in the top 20% of their respective class and in the combined majors, with a minimum GPA of 3.25.

This year was Professor Chris McCullick’s first year sderving as faculty advisor of the society. The previous faculty advisor was Dr. Jean Hawkins. Professor McCullick states,” During this fiscal year’s meetings we discussed pursuing the STAR chapter award which can help foster an environment of community service. It is something we are hopeful of attaining in future years. In addition to encouraging eligible members to apply for Delta Mu Delta scholarships, members indicated interest in possibly participating in a community service project next year.  This would be something new to the Jewell chapter, so we are trying to do our best to take reasonable steps without over-extending anyone. WJC last held the STAR chapter award for Delta Mu Delta in 2008.”

In order for the chapter to be designated as a STAR chapter, it must complete two of the following:

  • Increase the number of students inducted over the preceding year or induct 80 percent or more of the eligible candidates for the fiscal year.
  • Participate in the Delta Mu Delta scholarship program during the fiscal year with a complete application submitted from a chapter member.
  • Complete a community service or business-related activity on local campus or in local community and submit information about the activity to Central Office for inclusion in Vision newsletter.

Current officers are President Carter Quirk, Vice-President Jennifer Ghekas, Secretary Aubrey Stewart and Treasurer Lauren Berndt. This year, Delta Mu Delta will be inducting 13 new members.

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