Business Professor Elizabeth Hoyt Retires After 35 Years At Jewell

Professor Elizabeth Hoyt

Professor Elizabeth Hoyt

By Sabrine Navarro – Professor Elizabeth Hoyt has retired from William Jewell after 35 years of teaching in the Department of Business and Leadership. The business professor began her career at Arthur Anderson and Company. She notes that after graduating from college with a major in communications she had a strong desire to teach, but job opportunities were more plentiful in the business field. After several years at the consulting firm, Hoyt decided to test the waters and send her resume to a handful or universities in the Kansas City area. “I was here in KC, married and my husband was in a law firm, not really wanting to relocate. I was just surveying to see if there would be any opportunities.”

Hoyt proved to be a desirable candidate for the position at Jewell with the chairman of the business department contacting her immediately after receiving her resume. “It turns out that they needed a person from the area that I was an expert in and what I wanted to teach.” Throughout her years at Jewell, Hoyt has become well rounded in her areas of expertise. Mainly teaching the business capstone of Business Problems and Policy, Hoyt has taught Human Resource Management, Labor Relations, and classes within the Oxbridge program and CTI curriculum.

When asked about her favorite memories of her career at Jewell, Hoyt expressed that she will miss the students the most. She notes that in her time teaching, her ability to work with the students and witness their professional development within and outside Jewell is what highlights her career. “The capstone has made it particularly vivid. Every year I have a group of bankers and venture capitalists come in and evaluate the students work in a Shark Tank kind of way.” Hoyt states that the most memorable part is seeing her students rise to the occasion.

In her time at Jewell, Hoyt has had the opportunity to see Jewell evolve. She states that Jewell has in some ways both changed and stayed the same. “The diversity in atmosphere and different points of view have changed.” With this being said Hoyt also has had to make minor adjustments in her teaching styles due to the nature of business. “In business we are always dealing with what’s happening. It’s a living subject. That has helped keep the subject so fresh for me and always outward looking.”

Looking forward into the future after Jewell, Hoyt notes several minor projects that will keep her busy, one of which will be a position on the planning commission in the city of Leawood, KS. Hoyt also plans to do some travelling to see her children and grandchildren.

On the behalf of Jewell Community, we congratulate Professor Hoyt on 35 years of teaching, and wish her the best in all her future endeavors.

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