Students Attend KC Chiefs Sports Marketing Panel On Campus

nfl-kansas-city-chiefs-logo-yellow_1600x1200_896-desktop copyBy Nichole Marquis – On February 17th, members of the Chief’s Partnership Activation Team visited Jewell in order to reach out to students to provide information in the field of Sports Business and Marketing as well as informing students how to take the first steps in the field. The panel featured three people from the KC Chief’s team. The first is Chris Stathos, Partnership Activation Coordinator and a Jewell graduate, class of 2014. Chris was accompanied by Katie Hoffman, Partnership Activation Manager, and Will Patterson, Partnership Development Manager. Sixteen Jewell students who have expressed interest in Sports Business attended the Sports Business Panel.

Chiefs Panel copyPanel members discussed their various paths to their current career positions and encouraged students to ask questions. The panel members then reviewed student resumes and provided helpful revision hints to the students. In addition to these valuable resources, panel members provided internship suggestions. Many WJC students held Chiefs internships during the fall semester, working with the Draft Kings partnership for Chiefs watch parties, while others served as Game Day interns.

            Panel attendee Courtney Wells (Senior Business Administration Major) said, “I found the panel helpful and informative. They were able to provide me with advice and tips on how to succeed in the Sports Marketing Industry. I am thankful that I have been a part of this experience.”

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