News From The Creativity and Innovation Front

Idea X-Change LogoBy Sabrine Navarro – College students aren’t always fortunate to have the opportunity to explore their creative side. Balancing a full-time class schedule and the possibility of a part time job off or on campus can be stressful. It’s not very often that students get the opportunity to dedicate some of their time to be creative. Additionally, some of us even deny possessing any type of creative bone within our bodies. However creative opportunities are plentiful for William Jewell students. Director of Creativity and Innovation, Landon Young, provides Jewell students with an abundance of ways to explore their creative side. Young encourages students to collaborate, innovate and create, with likely projects contributing to a better way of life within Kansas City.

One of the most notable achievements of late, is the outstanding performance by DECA in their recent competition. DECA, Inc. (Distributive Education Clubs of America, or sometimes known as Delta Epsilon Chi) is a nonprofit student organization that seeks to prepare prospective leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in both high schools and colleges. In their first year competing, Jewell placed both first and second in two different categories. The team will look forward to competing in the national event later this year.

The University Innovation Fellows will also be hosting a two-day-long event in April. The event will be open to all college and high school students. The event will focus on coming up with new solutions for a better quality of life in KC. Those attending the event can look forward to seeing guest appearances by Mayor Sly James and the Chief Innovation Officer for KC.

On a recent trip to Silicon Valley, University Innovation Fellows…

  • Spent a day at Google learning about Design Thinking from Frederik Pferdt, Director of Creativity and Innovation at Google
  • Spent a day at Microsoft hearing from several VP’s and Program Managers on coming innovation. Students led an “un-conference”
  • Participated in two days worth of workshops at Stanford’s Design School, called the, led by Stanford Faculty
  • Visited an innovative new venture capital firm called SignalFire and met with entrepreneur in residence and co-founder
  • Met Sabastian Thurn, one of the inventors of Google’s driverless car and Google Glass

Jewell alum Jim Dunn connected Jewell Fellows with his son, Zach Dunn, who gave a tour of Airbnb’s headquarters. Zach is Senior Counsel for Airbnb and talked about the value of liberal arts in Silicon Valley.

Additionally, students in “The Creative Process” course led by Professor Gregg Whittaker had the chance to meet Fred Pryor who briefly talked about creativity and business. Pryor also addressed multiple ways creativity could be used to improve the quality of life in both careers and hobbies.

Students interested in participating in the creativity and innovation activities on campus are encouraged to contact Landon Young, Director of Creativity and Innovation.

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