International Students Tour Kansas City During Spring Break

the_nelson_atkins_museum_of_art_03 copyBy Annali Dolman – This year the International Student Association took the initiative to plan activities and events for each day of Spring Break, March 14 through 18. All of the activities were based around the Kansas City area so that international students were not only exposed to the excellent attractions that Kansas City has to offer, but also provided an opportunity to get off campus and enjoy the greater community.Being an international student myself, I found it difficult to transition into life in Liberty and Kansas City when I first arrived. I had never been so land locked in my life, and I honestly had no idea what attractions there were to see around the area. Our group thought this would be a great idea to provide other students like ourselves the opportunity to get off campus, because let’s face it, there is only so much living on the hill one can take without a break.

The activities during the Spring Break week included:
Monday – Steamboat Arabia
Tuesday – Kemper Contemporary Art Museum
Wednesday – WWI Museum
Thursday – Negro League Baseball/Jazz Museum
Friday – Nelson Atkins Museum

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