Delta Mu Delta Recruiting New Members, Scholarship Applications

busdept_deltamulogoBy Jeff Nickel – Delta Mu Delta is an international honors society that recognizes excellence in Business related majors at 4-year collegiate institutions. The Alpha Lambda chapter of Delta Mu Delta at William Jewell College will be inviting members to join in early April. To be inducted into Delta Mu Delta a student must be in the top 20% GPA of all Business, Accounting and Economics majors. Per the National Society the lowest GPA a member can have is a 3.2.

President Carter Quirk and Faculty Advisor Chris McCullick are working hard in order to receive the “Star Chapter Award” this year. This is a national award that is presented to chapters that meet a variety of requirements including community service projects, increased membership, and scholarship participation. The award was presented to William Jewell College in 2008 and current Alpha Lambda chapter members wants that recognition once again.

In a recent interview, Faculty Advisor McCullick said, “As the faculty advisor of Delta Mu Delta it is not my job to tell the chapter what to do or how to do it, but rather let the cabinet and members know about all the opportunities available to them”. Through community service the chapter will be able to have a profound presence on Jewell’s campus. Through scholarships students are able to earn money for their college education.

There are many scholarships available only for Delta Mu Delta members. Scholarships range from $500 to $3,000. Professor McCullick is encouraging every member of the Alpha Lambda chapter to apply for these scholarships. Applications for are due June 15 and the winners will be announced August 31.

For more information about Delta Mu Delta or the Alpha Lambda chapter of William Jewell College please contact President, Carter Quirk or Faculty Advisor, Chris McCullick.

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