Hannah Nicolay Named Co-Managing Editor of Jewell Business Today

Hannah Nicolay '18

Hannah Nicolay ’18

Jewell Business Today, the quarterly publication of the William Jewell Department of Business and Leadership, is pleased to officially welcome Hannah Nicolay as Co-Managing Editor. Hannah has previously served as staff writer for Jewell Business Today and has assisted editors Gretchen Mayes and Madison Giles on the winter edition.

Hannah is a sophomore double majoring in Business and Communication. She is involved around campus in many organizations such as Delta Zeta and the Emerging Leaders Conference Leadership Team. Hannah is looking forward to helping people in and outside of Jewell to recognize the awesome activities and accomplishments of our students.

As Gretchen Mayes “retires” from her managing editor position, Hannah will be working along side of Madison Giles and the JewellBiz staff. Madison is grateful for Gretchen’s many contributions and excited for Hannah to take on this new responsibility. “Hannah is an energetic and accomplished worker and will be a great asset to the Jewell Business Today team in her new leadership role.”

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