Experiential Learning At Consumer Electronics Show

CES Las VegasBy Jessica Shockley – Professors Shelly McVay, Landon Young and Elise Fisher are leading 12 Juniors and Seniors on a four-day learning journey through Las Vegas, Nevada in early January. The cornerstone of this experiential and service learning trip is the Consumer Electronics Show, where new consumer electronics products are debuted. This electronics trade show is internationally known and attracts major companies and industrially professionals worldwide. The CES is very difficult to secure tickets to and even professionals in the industry must wait for a lottery-style selection to see if they are allowed in for any given year. Students who are accompanied by Business faculty, however, are admitted with proof of school attendance.

There are many activities planned for this trip, and the service-learning component is through The Global Soap Project. Derrick Kayongo, the founder of The Global Soap Project, came to Jewell in the spring semester of 2015 and spoke to many classes individually and to the college as a whole as the Distinguished Executive Lecturer. His topic was “Tapping Your Power to Create Social Change”. The 15 students and faculty will volunteer at the Global Soap Project for an afternoon and will talk with the directors about issues in service marketing.

SegwayThe remainder of the trip is focused on tourism and nonprofit marketing. The students will meet with other entrepreneurs and investors, tour downtown Las Vegas on Segways, and participate in a digital scavenger hunt concentrating on different aspects of marketing. Stay tuned as there is more information to come in the spring issue.

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