A Time For Reflection and Hope

JewellHall ChristmasThe holiday season is often one in which we take time to pause and reflect on the joys and challenges of the past year. As our world is focusing on so many narratives with difficult social, political, religious and economic factors it can become unsettling. I take great solace in the fact that at Jewell we are developing students who are equipped to live deeply in this world that seems to be increasing in complexity. We see students effectively wrestle with difficult and layered issues, apply sound analysis and develop creative solutions that bring in multiple perspectives. A liberal arts education primes students to engage the questions of our day and educate citizens who can embrace the complexities. I am thankful that at Jewell we can take this seriously, our students engage it with vigor and the hope for tomorrow is one that is filled with potential. I offer my best regards for you and yours to have a blessed holiday season and hope for the New Year!

Sincerely, Dr. Kelli Schutte, Chair of the Department of Business and Leadership

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