Senior Business Major Tino Martin

Senior Business Major Tino Martin

By Jessica Shockley — A campus-wide awareness campaign, “#This Matters”, recognizes students, faculty and staff who are fusing creativity and innovation throughout the College. An email nomination process during the spring semester encouraged members of the campus community to nominate any individuals who brought exceptionally creative and inspiring enthusiasm to their work. Submissions included a brief description of the rationale behind the nomination.

Over one hundred students, organizations, faculty and staff received recognition during the campaign, and received small gift cards or stipends to use as they chose. Six of the winners were recognized on life-sized posters on display throughout campus.

The campaign is part of a college-wide initiative to teach, encourage and inspire the Jewell community to pursue a culture of new thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Senior business major Tino Martin was recognized for his work on “The Fit Cure”, a nonprofit organization with a mission to prevent childhood obesity by providing incentives for exercise, and a matching program that finances curriculum for youth. Tino has now shifted his focus to Healthe Foundations, a high school health program that promotes healthy lifestyle choices. According to Tino, the recognition he received from the “#ThisMatters” campaign has “helped me gain a significant amount of publicity. People ask questions that open up a conversations about different issues and allows me to connect them to resources I found through networking and my exploration of the fitness, marketing, and nonprofit communities.”

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