Students Collaborate In Cross-Disciplinary Project

Zane Clark '16

Zane Clark ’16

By Nichole Marquis — Last year, a cross-collaboration project was performed by students in three Jewell courses: Managerial Economics, Senior Marketing Seminar, and The Creativity Process. Sparked by an idea of a Jewell senior, Zane Clark, a new cross-collaboration curriculum to be offered at Jewell is in the works.

Mr. Clark used his WJC Journey Grant to develop a potential product to be sold in the Jewell bookstore. His product idea was a mini replica of Jewell Hall. The three classes collaborated in order to see the process involved in bringing the idea to reality.

Students in the Senior Marketing Seminar class performed marketing research including developing questionnaires for fellow students to determine product preferences, pricing, and distribution options.

Students in The Creativity Process worked on further design of the product and areas for expanding the product.

Lastly, students in Managerial Economics conducted research on the principle of cost, to better determine profitable pricing that still met consumer expectations.

Zane took the information gathered from this cross collaboration and is currently working on further developing the idea and determining the best way to start production. This valuable learning experience has inspired several professors at Jewell, including Shelly McVay (marketing), Yuriy Bots (economics), and Landon Young (creativity), to develop a cross-collaborative curriculum similar to those found at Washington University, St. Louis and Babson Universities. The Interdisciplinary projects that come out of this curriculum will provide great opportunities to future Jewell students.

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