Business and Leadership Welcome Three New Faculty

Professor Keith Washburn

Professor Keith Washburn

By Amber Krigbaum — Professor Keith Washburn, a Kansas City native, has joined the Accounting faculty this school year. Washburn serves as the Visiting Professor of Accounting in Leadership and Business. Washburn received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Missouri. Before assuming his role as a professor, Washburn obtained a Master of Business Administration from Benedictine and worked as a certified public accountant before starting his own firm.

Washburn came to Jewell because he loved the department and the faculty he would get to work alongside. His favorite thing about Jewell is “driving up on the beautiful campus.” When asked what he would do to improve Jewell, Washburn jokingly commented that the campus needs motocross and free beer on Fridays. Jewell welcomes the fun, experienced professor to our campus.

Professor Bill Podany

Professor Bill Podany

Professor Bill Podany is the Adjunct Instructor for the Accounting Income Tax Course. After growing up on a Nebraska farm Professor Podany graduated from Christian Brothers University with a degree in Religion and Cultures and minors in Math and Education. Professor Podany began his career as a high school teacher, but had a night job in an accounting firm. He explains, “Accounting fascinated me and eventually I worked full time in accounting and went to night school to get an MBA and CPA.”

Professor Podany was excited to teach again after visiting Jewell’s campus. He would like to see a Masters Program in Accounting offered at Jewell in the future. Professor Podany can be found at his favorite place at Jewell, the Pryor Learning Commons, or watching the Royals at any restaurant that serves barbeque in Kansas City.

Professor Tom Vansaghi

Professor Tom Vansaghi

Professor Thomas Vansaghi has joined the WJC faculty in nonprofit leadership. Professor Vansaghi is originally from St. Louis, but has lived in Kansas City for over fifteen years. He is serving Jewell as the Visiting Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Leadership. Professor Vansaghi graduated from Northwest Missouri State University and earned his Masters degrees in Public Administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He also holds a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

After working in politics, he decided to work as a lobbyist for Public Higher Education. He explained, “It was there where I discovered how much I love teaching college classes.” Professor Vansaghi believes it is a dream come true to teach at a school that he describes as having “academic rigor”. Professor Vansaghi would like to have smart boards installed in each classroom where he teaches. His favorite spot on campus is the old entrance, and he finds he holds a special affinity for Jewell, as his wife is an alumna.

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