A Passion To Flourish

Troost TulipsOne of my favorite moments of the past year was driving down Troost and seeing the tulips that were planted to signify community involvement and commitment to developing and making their space better. I am sure it is a partly due to my Dutch heritage that this struck me, but more deeply it hit on my passion to see things flourish. I was struck by the idea again this summer as I dug into some research on what we are doing on campus around the concepts of creativity and innovation. I had conducted interviews with students and one theme that emerged from our conversations was this idea of flourishing. Two particular quotes are worth noting as they nicely capture the heart of our program.

“I have a desire and need to make the world a bit better, maybe not change the world, but make it just a bit better than the world I have been given. I can get along in life and not do much, just the two kids, a dog and an annual vacation, but that is just living plainly and I want to dive deep.”

“When I engage in the creative process with other students I feel something come alive. When we try a new idea out I know I am using my whole self. When we move an idea forward and it impacts others I know I am living as I was meant to.”

 This concept of living as your whole self is something we take seriously in the liberal arts. Creativity and Innovation have been a conceptual lens we are using to help students see how they can live deep by making large and small changes, but seeing the need to make things better and perhaps plant a few tulips along the way.

Please enjoy reading about our endeavors in the Department of Business and Leadership in this issue of Jewell Business Today.

Sincerely, Dr. Kelli Schutte, Chair of the Department of Business and Leadership

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