Business and Nursing Offer Integrated Healthcare Courses

Professor David Roberts

Professor David Roberts

By Gretchen Mayes – William Jewell College has recently introduced Integrated Healthcare courses that augment the Registered Nursing (RN) track.  These courses are being developed cooperatively by the Nursing Department and Department of Business and Leadership.

Department of Business and Leadership Chair Kelli Schutte and Professor David Roberts have created online offerings that will allow students pursuing their Bachelor of Science of Nursing (BSN) to supplement their core Nursing knowledge with business and management fundamentals essential to success in healthcare management. These courses teach students the history of healthcare, new developments, analytics, electronic record keeping, regulation and healthcare policy.

“The course adds a good business background with a nursing major,” Dr. Schutte said. “It is important to know both the patient care and the business aspect of the nursing field.”

Acording to Professor Roberts, healthcare is a changing environment and the Integrated Healthcare course teaches the skills necessary for the changes and expanding complexities many nurses are facing.

The growing demand for careers involving both nursing and business is expected to make this course essential for upcoming BSNs.

The Integrated Healthcare course will be offered this fall and can be found on the course schedules under Integrated Healthcare.

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