WJC Business Professors Present At Enhanced Teaching and Learning Conference

Accounting Professor Chris McCullick

Accounting Professor Chris McCullick

Chris McCullick, Assistant Professor of Accounting, and Shelly McVay, Assistant Professor of Business, co-presented a workshop, “Engaging Students With High Tech and Low Tech Options,” at the Enhanced Teaching & Learning Conference on March 7 at Johnson County Community College. The event was sponsored by the Kansas City Professional Development Council for area college professors and administrators.

Business Professor Shelly McVay

Business Professor Shelly McVay

“This conference was a great platform to share ideas among college educators and take away new techniques to keep our classrooms vibrant and engaging,” said Professor Shelly McVay. The conference was an all day seminar with 17 breakout sessions covering different topics such as Role Play in the Learning Experience, Managing Heated Classroom Discussions, Making the Most Out of Classroom Technology, and Service Learning 101, in addition to the session professors McCullick and McVay presented.

Professors McCullick and McVay facilitated an interactive workshop-style session highlighting some of their favorite high-tech and low-tech options for engaging students. Students who have been in either of these professors’ classrooms, would recognize such apps as Socrative and Educreation, as well as hands on Pair-Share mini projects and Professor McVay’s favorite crayon game to illustrate seeing products through a new lens. In the spirit of a learning lab, participants got to help build and participate in a Socrative quiz as well as find new uses for products like olive oil and WD-40.

Their presentation also included prerecorded video interviews of Jewell professors to talk about creative ways they are engaging students as well. The professors or administrators video interviewed for this presentation were Amaya Amell, Landon Young, Elise Fisher, Cory Scheer, Nathan Wyman, Michael Foster, and Rebecca Hamlett. Links to these interviews as well as supplemental examples of high-tech and low-tech student engagement options were provided to every participant.

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