Senior Kevin Kolibas Interns At Grant Thornton LLP

Senior Kevin Kolibas

Senior Kevin Kolibas

By Justin Riley – When looking to enter the professional work place, employers rely heavily on the experience section of one’s resume. Having relevant experience is valued by employers, especially when comparing different candidates for a job.

William Jewell does an exceptional job encouraging students to “build a resume that will stand out from those of other applicants”. Senior Accounting Major Kevin Kolibas is an outstanding example of a high-achieving student who has landed internships in the accounting field that have given him the necessary tools to be successful in the future.

GT LogoKevin comes to Jewell from Bixby, Oklahoma and is currently enrolled as a full time student. This spring semester he also earned the position of audit intern at Grant Thorton LLP. Grant Thorton is the 6th largest accounting firm in the nation with 1.3 billion dollars in revenue and 58 offices across the U.S. Headquartered in Chicago, the company has an office in the downtown Kansas City financial district where Kevin commutes to work Monday through Saturday.

Prior to landing his intern position at Grant Thorton, Kevin worked as an audit intern in a company based in Tulsa last summer. After getting help from a managing partner in Tulsa and contacting recruiters in the Kansas City area specifically, he was able to come upon this opportunity at Grant Thorton. “Going to Jewell has really opened my eyes to all the opportunities KC has to offer, I really wanted to find a local internship with a creditable company that would give me the necessary experience for my future professional endeavors.”

On the job, Kevin works with clients by auditing and reviewing their financial statements as well as testing various transactions throughout the fiscal year. On a daily basis, Kevin performs basic accounting activities such as cash, debit, equity, and journal entry testing. There are a wide variety of clients that Kevin has worked with thus far while at the company. He is currently working with a client in the real estate sector and has already worked with clients in the transportation, oil/gas, and investment industries.

Unlike some firms, Grant Thorton allows Kevin to work on actual audits. “A rewarding aspect of my internship is that I get to work on real audits that will be presented to clients. Not all companies let their interns work with clients’ accounting portfolios.” This is a major perk in acquiring real, on the job experience that can be used later in his career. With this opportunity, though, comes great responsibility. Great attention to detail, confidentiality and meeting deadlines are extremely important . “Working 60 hours a week, Monday thru Saturday has proved to be tough, but even in the short amount of time at Grant Thorton, I feel much more comfortable performing accounting activities and audits.

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