Dr. Hawkins, We Will Miss You!

Kelli Schutte-cropped tightAfter more than 30 years of dedicated service to William Jewell Dr. Jean Hawkins is retiring at the end of this semester. I consider Jean to be a valued colleague and friend and although I am very happy that she will get to enjoy a slower pace of life I am saddened by the loss we will feel in our department over her departure. Jean has taught me over the years many things, but the one thing that I appreciate most about Dr. Hawkins is her dedication to her students and her relentless passion for their learning. Jean goes the extra mile to make sure her students learn and, when possible, love the field of accounting. She has a passion for systems and the way numbers convey information and she wants all to share that joy for accounting that she has. And I am not using the word joy in a trite way as she really can get excited about the field and joy can exude from her when you get her talking about the way numbers are the language of business. I have so enjoyed working with Jean over the years and love her passion and pursuit of knowledge. She has been an inspiration to decades of students and colleagues, and we will miss her greatly. Best wishes, Dr. Hawkins, as you begin this next chapter of your life. May it be filled with joy, peace and knowledge of a job well done.

Sincerely, Dr. Kelli Schutte, Chair of the Department of Business and Leadership

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1 Response to Dr. Hawkins, We Will Miss You!

  1. John Saari says:

    Jean, you will never know that positive impact that you had on my life and career. I am a fish out of water as an accountant, but I am holding my own as a structural steel project manager with projects like Detroit Tigers Ball Park, Cincinnati Reds Ball Park, The New Meadowlands Stadium, Miami International Airport, Huey Long Bridge in New Orleans, Shopping Malls in NY and Puerto Rico…..all using the basic lessons of cost and financial reporting that I enhanced at William Jewell College. By the way I have lived up to one of my promises to you…..Never went into Governmental Accounting and thank you for the B and pulling me through that one!!!!! Long life and happiness Jean….Deepest Love and respect….John Saari

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