Cardinal Consulting Works With VML Human Resources

Ronnie Felder and Jessica McGee of VML (center).

Ronnie Felder and Jessica McGee of VML (center) with Cardinal Consultants.










By Chris Henning – During the fall semester 2014, VML, Inc., a major digital marketing firm headquartered in Kansas City and with offices on six continents, engaged the WJC Cardinal Consulting Group to assist the VML Human Resources Group in developing employee recruiting and assimilation strategies. Working closely with VML Kansas City’s human resources professionals Ronnie Felder – Director, Kristi Veitch, Bethany Luther, Maria Chipman, Jessica McGee and Kimberly Spencer, the Cardinal Consulting team helped create and recommend strategies to attract highly talented and creative applicants by highlighting the vibrant culture, wealth of opportunities and technological growth that VML and Kansas City have to offer. The assignment also included strategies to assimilate new hires into VML and Kansas City with the goal of enhancing employee satisfaction, performance and retention.

The Cardinal Consulting Group is comprised of students Michael Hon, Courtney Wells, Kyle Ziegler, Isaac Hamilton, Chris Henning, Aerial Smith, Try Flick, Ben Plank, Preston Felgate, Will Frank, Ellen Stewart, Jaylon Verser, Thomas Clanton and Caden Compton. Roles within the group included account relationship and communication management, research, business and competition analysis, strategy development, and project and budget management.

Cardinal Consulting conducted two primary research studies, one among current VML employees and the other among current Jewell students, to identify and measure factors contributing to job appeal and satisfaction, quality of work and community life, effective socialization and superior job performance.

VML_logo_stacked_transpAfter several meetings with the VML HR team and months of development, the consulting group presented their findings and recommendations to VML at their headquarters offices in Kansas City. Based on analysis of the findings, discussions with VML and numerous creative strategy development sessions throughout the fall, Cardinal Consulting recommended a series of recruiting videos featuring “reasons to love KC and VML”, “a day in the life of a VML employee” and celebrity testimonials. Additionally, the consulting team recommended creation of a VML-sponsored “Breakthrough Workshop” bringing together top talent from around the country to collaborate with VMLers on a singular, high profile project. Onboarding and retention recommendations included developing a mentor program to assist new hires with relocation and assimilation into the VML culture and the Kansas City community.

VML is a highly valued and appreciated partner of the Department of Business and Leadership at William Jewell College, providing numerous experiential learning opportunities for students throughout the academic year. Headquartered in Kansas City, VML is among the world’s premier digital marketing agencies with offices on six continents serving well-known brands around the world.

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